Thoughts about my Personal Knowledge Management

Here I'm trying to collect my thoughts about a way to manage my collected knowledge and finally use it.

Digital work in the cyber space means connecting HyperTextualized dots via Hyperlinks.

  • I'm collecting bookmarks stored locally in my browser or synced via some service (browser sync, external service). -
  • I'm saving fulltext versions of articles via Read Later services.
  • I'm takeing notes in markdown files.
  • I'm posting things publicly on tumblr, my personal blog or on twitter.
  • I'm recording my browsing with either the internal browser history and with an additional tool that saves more context and notes than the browser history.
  • I'm saveing codesnippets on another service and in my code editor.

That makes a fantastic resource at my mouse finger to use.

What really happens is, that I resort to google to refind things. I know it's somewhere in my personal collections, but I don't know if it was an article bookmarked in Wallabag, a markdown file on my hard drive or a website I visited before.

I'm reading about the Indieweb a lot lately and I like their idea about POSSE or PESO - to post on your blog first and distribute the content into the social network silos or whatever. Or to post on social media and pull those posts into your own system automatically.

So my vision would be an interface that pulls the content of all the services I use into one searchable index.

That's not going to happen - I don't have the time to build that.

What else can I do? Focus on one system and exclusively use that? Not going to happen either. Each system I use has one important point - it's easy to add content. It has to be easy.

I'm not sure what's the solution, others wrestling with the same challenge. At the end it comes down to read a book and don't bother with the digital shadow knowledge. The things that are important to us, we already have memorized.