This is a page telling you what I'm up to right now (or whatever the last updated date says). It's inspired by Derek Sivers

  • Working on a webapp learing all kind of new stuff, like Google Firebase Auth, Vue.js, Queues
  • Moving a project to work on with other devs. Not sure how this will work out.
  • About to buy a new car. A used Citroën C3. It's smaller, it cost less and doesn't use as much fuel. I don't need to show off a big car.
    I like Citroën as a car maker, though.
  • Planning to visit some weird places with my love. We are going to stay in Prague for a bit, drive back through the Czech countryside and plan to visit the Prinzhorn Collection in Heidelberg.
  • I'm riding the bike almost every day.
  • Music wise I discovered musicologist Pat Conte who sounds as old-timey as it can get today. I love this music so much.

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