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Travelplaner and Portals

  • Google Travel Guide
  • Mapify - Instagram like travel stories
  • Tripline travel stories, straight forward
  • Historypin - Connecting communities with local history Historypin is a place for people to share photos and stories, telling the histories of their local communities.

Mapping Services


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  • KeplerJs is a open source geosocial solution that lets users share favorite places and join discussions in real-time. It can be seen as a platform where users can interact with other open data platforms OpenStreetMap among other sources.



Geohashes, Open Location Codes

Open Location Codes are a new open address format by google that solves a few problems described here: Evaluation of Location Encoding Systems · google/open-location-code Wiki



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Accuracy and Precesion

Decimal Places Aprox. Distance Say What?
1 10 kilometers 6.2 miles
2 1 kilometer 0.62 miles
3 100 meters About 328 feet
4 10 meters About 33 feet
5 1 meter About 3 feet
6 10 centimeters About 4 inches
7 1.0 centimeter About 1/2 an inch
8 1.0 millimeter The width of paperclip wire.
9 0.1 millimeter The width of a strand of hair.
10 10 microns A speck of pollen.
11 1.0 micron A piece of cigarette smoke.
12 0.1 micron You're doing virus-level mapping at this point.
13 10 nanometers Does it matter how big this is?
14 1.0 nanometer Your fingernail grows about this far in one second.
15 0.1 nanometer An atom. An atom! What are you mapping?